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PR & Events

我们中英多语有丰富市场品牌经验的团队帮助客户和企业制定商业战略,建立成功品牌,基于我们建立的中美商娱时尚科技界高层人脉和领袖人物帮助企业的全球发展, 重点领域包括金融科技,医疗,汽车,房地产和媒体娱乐等在美国的公关品牌,社交媒体线上传播和高端活动

Our experienced multi lingual full service marketing team helps design business strategy, build successful brands, use an elite network of US China business, technology, social, entertainment, fashion, sports and social media leaders to help build brands and grow businesses. Our client industries include fintech, medical, auto, real estate and media entertainment through social media, on and off line branding and high impact events in the US and China 


E Commerce Crypto Mining Machine  &  Mining Facility Trade


E commerce, influencers, import export trade, crypto mining machine trade and mining facility business

商务投资峰会, 产品进出口

Business Conferences, Investor Meetings International Trade, Product Import Export 

纳斯达克,摩根斯坦利,纽交所,花旗,谷歌,脸书,通用电气,IBM, 美国三大电视网ABC,FOX和世界不同国家举行各种规模的有影响力的活动, 中美产品进出口,国际贸易

Organize business events at Nasdaq, Morgan Stanley, NYSE, Citi, Google, Facebook, GE, IBM, ABC, FOX and various locations around the world, products import and export, international trade    

实习求职升学和高端人脉Internship, Career

School Application

and Upscale Network


Student internship, school application, career advice, US China business promotion, upscale network, US China celebrity branding 


Investment, M&A, IPO

并购 M&A

  • 具有丰富中美投行经验的团队和华尔街和行业高端人脉,帮客户寻求并购标的和企业扩展

  • Highly experienced investment banking team with extensive investor relationships helps clients find acquisition targets and design business expansion strategy



  • 上市系列涵盖财务,法务,投行和投资者关系等一条龙服务

  • IPO related services including legal and investor relations


投融资 Fundraising & Investment

  • 利用我们中美投资人脉帮企业进行战略合作,投融资,尽职调查,推荐优秀房地产,基金和初创企业

  • Help companies in strategic partnership and fundraising through our extensive investor network in the US and China, conduct due diligence and recommend investment opportunities in real estate, fund and startups

Clients Partners Campaigns

客户 合作伙伴 活动案例

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